Denbigh is about more than packing, shipping, and crating art. It’s about relationships with our clients, our community and our employees.


One of the things Denbigh is most proud of is being able to give back to the community. Denbigh provides services and donations to a number of local art based charities and events. We’re passionate about giving back and making a lasting, positive impact in our community. We are proud to support the following foundations, galleries and programs:

• Vancouver General Hospital Foundation
• BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
• St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation
• BC Lions Society
• Canadian Photography Portfolio Society
• Western Front Society
• Unite for Art/Unicef
• Arts Umbrella
• Art for Life
• Emily Carr University of Art and Design
• Contemporary Art Gallery
• Vancouver Art Gallery


Through the years Denbigh has consistently employed people who are committed to the Vancouver art scene. Employees are often artists themselves and that gives them genuine appreciation and care for the pieces that they work with. Denbigh owners, Ken and Lorraine Stephens, credit the employees as being the ‘backbone’ of Denbigh, “The whole success of our business has been our employees," said Ken. "We’ve been incredibly fortunate to hire so many brilliant people. They are all artists.” When they hire, Ken says that being an artist is one of the criteria that he looks for because workplace culture is so important. “It’s a small company, and everyone gets along tremendously. I can’t say enough good things about the staff we have. They are just phenomenal.”


Client Relationships

In Denbigh’s early days, Ken and Lorraine Stephens wanted to service the local art community that they knew so well. Through art school in the 70’s and working at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Ken Stephens was able to meet and build relationships with artists, collectors and galleries—relationships that he still holds over 40 years later. The fine art community is a very small niche market and the thing that is most important to Ken and Lorraine Stephens in business is relationship. “Relationship is extremely important to me and to everyone that works here at Denbigh. It’s not about the money it’s about the relationship,” said Ken Stephens. “When we do a job for someone we will bend over backwards to make sure that everybody is happy and that we maintain that strong relationship.”


Ken and Lorraine Stephens, the owners and founders of Denbigh Fine Art Services, have always loved art. Since 1985 Denbigh has been a trusted partner in the art community – locally, nationally and internationally. Read more...