Patron Art House Opens with Work by Adam Brickell

On September 28th Patron Art House held it’s inaugural grand opening with a show by Thomas Arden and Adam Brickell. This small show, in a brand-new art space, features three works by Adam Brickell, a Vancouver based artist and Denbigh’s Storage Manager.

For the past ten years Adam has managed, documented, archived and photographed thousands of works of art that have come into Denbigh’s care. With this show he turns his camera away from the detailing of fine art and towards the everyday. ‘Bread,’ ‘Cecilia,’ and ‘Un Cœur’ are all photographs that Adam describes as having been taken randomly and spontaneously. “They’re taken with an old cellphone that has a very low-resolution sensor. The photos are pixelated and have a lot of ‘image noise’ which can be interpreted in a couple ways…on one hand, it’s the falling-apart of the image and on the other had it’s decorative, almost impressionistic,” said Adam. “The original photo is just the starting point though. I treat the image as a digital file and try to forget anything to do with photography…these random images are altered extensively and become highly formalized pictures.”

Adam has always been drawn to colours, lines, and shapes. “From fourteen to twenty all I did was draw and look at art in books,” Adam said. “From the age of twenty all of my energy has been directed towards creating a body of work that mirrors the times we’re living in.” ‘Bread,’ ‘Cecilia,’ and ‘Un Cœur’ are pixelated and formalized, spontaneous, and highly manipulated. They were all taken on a cell-phone – the mirror of our time. Catch them at Patron Art House now until October 28th.